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Speech toys help develop expressive language skills.
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Language is broken into two basic components--Receptive and Expressive.  Receptive Language is what a person takes in and understands or comprehends.  Expressive Language is the ability to use words to express yourself. An infant begins processing sounds from the moment they are born; children with impaired hearing develop language skills more slowly.  Newborn Hearing Screenings are extremely important in the detection of hearing loss early on so that interventions can be initiated.  Speech and Language Toys and activities are fun for children of all ages and skill levels.  Children learn to speak earlier and have higher IQs when they are raised in a 'Language-rich' environment.  Surrounding your infant, toddler and young child with Speech Toys and games will stimulate development of communication and interpersonal skills that will carry over into adulthood.  Choosing Speech Toys wisely is important.  You might be interested in reading our Blog Page about Child Development--Click Here!