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Toys to Improve Self Help Skills

Children love to practice dressing and other self-help skills.  These toys are designed to help your child learn new skills that will improve their independence in dressing and in chores around the house.

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Make learning fun.  We all need to learn new skills to succeed in life, and children are no different--in fact they have hundreds of new things to learn in early childhood.  Help them grow and develop by providing toys to improve self help skills.  Dressing skills like buttons, zippers and snaps can be challenging to learn, but letting a child practice on these toys will be fun rather than a chore. Toddlers learn to feed themselves--first by using their fingers and then by using a spoon, fork and knife. Practice play with Play Doh can be a fun activity that hones these skills.  They learn to wash their hands, face, and eventually learn to bathe themselves completely.  Dressing, teeth brushing, and hair care are all skills that children master in childhood.